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ALF #23 24 25 26, 29 30 31, VF/NM, Alien, Based on TV show, 1988,7 issues in all
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ALF #23 24 25 26, 29 30 31, VF/NM, Alien, Based on TV show, 1988,7 issues in all

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Jeopardy! Television Show Game (1986 - #5454 by Pressman)
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Jeopardy! Television Show Game (1986 - #5454 by Pressman) by Pressman Toy

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Poor Tommy...from Elephant Boy to Pumpkinhead...

Understanding the difficult production history of Pumpkinhead II gives me pause to let director Jeff Burr have it. To tell you the truth, technically I think Burr did all he could with what he had available to him. He tries to utilize flashy camera work and some lighting aesthetics to compensate for the bone-headed script and characters populating this reimaging of the Pumpkinhead origin story. This go-around, a misshapen-faced orphan boy, left to fend for himself, getting food from a kindly wilderness witch who sees after him the best she could as a kind of surrogate guardian angel, is attacked brutally by a gaggle of high school auto club scumbags with jackets, calling themselves the Red Wings. Pummeled with baseball bats, hung on a metal hook over an abandoned, seemingly bottomless well, and sliced numerous times by the Red Wings’ leader, Tommy succumbs to his injuries. Tommy has some sort of odd physical, spiritually symbiotic link to the witch where she feels his pain and later, once he’s conjured by a Pumpkinhead spell thanks to some stupid teenagers [natch], realizes his rage, literally suffering as the creature kills in revenge for the crimes against the malformed-faced boy (think The Elephant Man) that didn’t deserve his injustice. Andrew Robinson really deserves better than to be stuck in a film such as this, to tell you the truth. He’s a very good actor squandered here. He does his best, but this is simply beneath his talents. A sheriff who must keep a straight face when trying to talk a creature out of killing his daughter (played by direct-to-video 90s scream queen, Ami Dolenz). Yep, he is pleading in a desperate attempt to reason with a giant monster. Oh, and the piece of work that is the hospital room sequence where even the most professional of actors would probably have to look in a mirror and wonder where it all went wrong: Robinson’s sheriff and the local coroner (Gloria Hendry; the Bond film, Live and Let Die) must question the rising corpse... Source: The Scarecrow's Blog From the Darkside

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Television 1988 TV Documentary Series DVD Set 8 Shows 4 Discs

Television 1988 TV Documentary Series DVD Set 8 Shows 4 Discs
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