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Have you listened to radio lately and felt like slapping the so-called On-Air-Personality (OAP)? Or have you tried in vain to make out words and phonetics from a TV Show host but only left you more confused rather than informed? Sure. If you live in Nigeria, you all have at one point or the other.

From my social diagnosis, I have noticed that some Nigerians—and the number is increasing at somewhat the speed of light—are never comfortable being Nigerians. So, they acquire a new accent that is foreign to any Nigerian accents. This forcefully acquired accent is what my friend refers to as locally acquired foreign accent (LAFA). I like this concept because it clearly describes the illness and the status of its victims—Nigerians living and have lived in Nigeria their entire life but have foreign accent.

Listening to some Nigerian radio stations can either leave one permanently befuddled or just plain angry all the time. The latter is what happens to me mostly, so I stopped listening to most radio stations for some time. The television stations are not any better. The cause of one’s linear anguish is not hard to find. Confusing accents of the presenters! Yes, one cannot really tell if the presenters on radio and television are from Miami, Manchester or Mushin or if they are just a bunch of clueless upstarts mouthing words which seem to make them happy but leaves the listener with a terrible ‘earache’.

Tracing the history of radio and television presentation in Nigeria, who can never forget the glorious days and diction of Soni Irabor, Bimbo Oloyede, Donald Everedjo, Sienne All-Well Brown, Ruth Benemesia Opia, Lola Alakija, John Momoh, Silver Oforgu and so many other articulate and fantastic presenters who shaped the entertainment industry with their style and panache of presentation? What happened to these fine traditions of broadcasting? Globalisation!

What these names have in common is a clear and distinct presentation style with a...

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    Israel has ordered a six-month closure of Palestine 48, a new Palestinian television channel funded by the Palestinian Authority and catering to Palestinian citizens of Israel. Aljazeera has more: “I will not allow for Israel's sovereignty to be harmed

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    LAGOS, Nigeria (AP) -- Nigeria says it has banned Radio Biafra because it is unlicensed but the station dedicated to creating a breakaway state remains on the airwaves. People in southeastern Nigeria confirmed Thursday that the station is broadcasting


President John Dramani Mahama has exalted Ghanaian radio and television stations to tame their taste for foreign m… http://t.co/FvP8YOObM2 08/12/15, @nigerian_herald


  • Mass Media, People, and Politics in Nigeria

    Concept Publishing Company. 1989. ISBN: 817022232X,9788170222323. 255 pages.

    This Study Brings To The Fore The Precarious Predicament Of The Mass Media Of A Country Whose Political Culture Is Characterised By Divergent And Powerful Interest Groups With Insatiable Political And Economic Demands On The Larger Political Entity. It Demonstrates How Nigeria`S Development As A Nation State Has Similarily Influenced The Way And Manner Of The Organisation, Administration And Contents Of Her Mass Media Systems.

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    Oxford Business Group. ISBN: 1907065148,9781907065149.
  • Culture and Customs of Nigeria

    Greenwood Publishing Group. 2015. ISBN: 0313313385,9780313313387. 202 pages.

    Discusses Nigerian traditions, culture, religion, media, literature, and arts.

  • Naeto C reacts to ban on ‘Tony Montana’ song

    08/20/15 ,via dailypost.ng

    NBC which prides in promoting Nigerian indigenous cultures, moral and community life through broadcasting has over time banned songs that contradict its core values. NBC to this effect released a memo which was sent to Television and Radio stations across ...

  • Play local music more; Prez Mahama advises radio, TV stations

    08/12/15 ,via Modern Ghana

    especially from Nigerian. President Mahama speaking on the issue in an interview on Uniiq FM Wednesday noted that while foreign music provides a healthy competition for local music, radio and television stations must aim for a fair balance. “I think ...

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    was quoted by a local TV station saying reports of the incident were “untrue.” Colonel Sani Kukasheka Usman, acting director army public relations told DW that media reports of the killing were false and that the gunfight was a part of a Nigerian army ...

  • Influx of Nigerian music inspires Ghanaian artistes – Mahama

    08/12/15 ,via Ghana Web

    Competition is good so when Nigerian music comes in ... vehemently criticised the rate at which foreign songs are given rotation on local radio and television stations. The practice, some have argued, kills talents which goes a long way to affect the ...

  • This Is What Has Happened To Radio And TV Stations After Artistes Demonstrated To Demand Airplay

    08/13/15 ,via Ghafla

    See also: Charged Artists Block Kimathi Street To Storm Nation Center In Numbers Crying Like Babies Denied Mommy’s Milk (Photos) The artistes lamented that their music had been ignored in favour of foreign music and specifically Nigerian music.

List of Television Stations in Nigeria

List of Television Stations in Nigeria
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Nigerian Television Authority has the largest television network in ...

Nigerian Television Authority has the largest television network in ...
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Nigerians watching TV.

Nigerians watching TV.
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The Nigerian Television Authority - also known as NTA - was inaugurated in 1977 and is the government-owned body in charge of television broadcasting in the country.

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A television station is a business, organisation or other enterprise, such as an amateur television (ATV) operator, that transmits (broadcasts) content over ...

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