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The man who invented the art of television newsreading - Telegraph.co.uk

Declining any pudding, he clambered to his feet. “I think I’ll just walk over and check that the sound system is working,” he said.

“Is he all right?” I asked my mother as he walked gradually down the path.

“A bit nervous,” she said, familiar with his routine, having witnessed his performances, professional and amateur, as a childhood friend, sweetheart and then wife of more than 50 years. “He’ll be fine. And remember, this was all his idea…”

My brother and I exchanged glances. Conflicting feelings: you want your aged father’s special day to be anxiety-free, yet what he most wants to do makes him anxious.

There was no need to worry. As he started to perform he sat up straighter, his eyes twinkled behind his glasses and he moved smoothly into presentation mode.

It was a transformation I had witnessed many times: as a boy watching him read the evening news on BBC One, looking through the thick glass from the Broadcasting House control room as he corralled celebrities for an hour of morning chat on Start the Week on Radio 4, or mellifluously linking classical music excerpts on shows for Radio 2, Radio 3 and the World Service that he continued into his early 80s.

Sitting across the table from him as he performed last week, I marvelled at the flights of fluent reminiscence that he conjured from the scattered names on his self-penned running order.

Chu Chin Chow brought to mind his father – my grandfather, Albert – a keen amateur singer who had enjoyed the show during its West End run, which commenced in 1918. I imagined the boy Richard chirping away with his father in their front room in north London, with my grandmother on their rickety piano.

I remembered my father, also an accomplished pianist, bashing out hectic music-hall tunes on our own, less rickety piano when I was growing up – and his good-humoured exasperation at my own inability to master an instrument.


Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

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    In retrospect, the site, which Stohn estimates had 900,000 "students" enrolled at the height of its popularity, evokes social networks that would come years later. Stohn likens it to "MySpace before MySpace was invented." A 2005 New York Times Magazine 

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  • The Boy Who Invented TV

    Dragonfly Books. 2014. ISBN: 0385755570,9780385755573. 40 pages.

    Presents the true story of the genius who came up with the idea of television, successfully transmitting the first image over the airwaves and later winning a lawsuit against RCA for his invention.

  • Scientists, Inventors, and Tinkerers: The Discoveries and Inventions as Precursors that Led to Philo Farnsworth's Invention of Television

    Universal-Publishers. 2010. ISBN: 9781599428840,1599428849.

    Scientists, Inventors, and Tinkerers is a monograph relating in linear fashion the discoveries and inventions in electricity, electronics, wireless, and mass communications that led to the inventor Philo Farnsworth having all necessary to realize his own moment of discovery-- by inventing one of the most influential of inventions, the television. The work includes a parallel discussion of the invention of lip-synchronization talking motion pictures, as both innovations, TV and Talkies,...

  • The Boy who Invented Television

    Teamcom Books. 2015. ISBN: 1928791301,9781928791300. 283 pages.

    While the great minds of science, financed by the biggest companies in the world, wrestled with 19th century answers to a 20th century problem, Philo T. Farnsworth, age 14, dreamed of trapping light in an empty jar and transmitting it, one line at a time, on a magnetically deflected beam of electrons. Farnsworth was a farm boy from Rigby, Idaho, with virtually no knowledge of electronics when he first sketched his idea for electronic television on a blackboard for his high school science...

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    Viewers meet Tut as a 9-year-old whose father has been poisoned. The boy is forced to watch as the suspected poisoner’s wife is dragged around the palace grounds until she is dead. Tut is then handed a knife and told to kill the poisoner’s son ...

  • How 'Degrassi' became the most digitally savvy show on (and off) TV

    07/22/15 ,via Chicago Tribune

    Thanks to its 35-year history, Degrassi boasts a quality ... Stohn likens it to "MySpace before MySpace was invented." A 2005 New York Times Magazine article, which dubbed "Degrassi" "tha BEst Teen TV N da WRLD!," noted the continued popularity of the ...

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    It was the front page with a big word ‘AXED’ and it said ‘it was the worst show since television was invented’ and it was this whole ... “I was an unhealthy, 49-year-old coming up to 50, on my cholesterol tablets, on my bad diet and I thought ...

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    “The items on the ‘secret menu’ weren’t invented by anyone officially at McDonald’s, it’s just a random person’s guide to burgers you could potentially ‘hack’ at McDonald’s,” he wrote. Last year, WBZ-TV did its own investigation into ...


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Predicta Television Year Invented: 1958 Designer: Philco Philco's ...

Predicta Television Year Invented: 1958 Designer: Philco Philco's ...
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Short Television History

Short Television History
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History of television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The invention of the television was the work of many individuals in ... invented by Walter Bruch ... In September of the same year, a second television transmitter ...

In what year was the television invented? | Ask.com

According to the Grolier Encyclopedia, the electronic television was successfully displayed for the first time on Sept. 7, 1927 in San Francisco. This predecessor of ...

When was television invented - Answers - The Most Trusted ...

Television was not invented in Australia,1956 Television was first ... twenty-one-year-old Philo T Farnsworth performed the first successful demonstration of an ...

In what year was the television invented?? | Yahoo Answers

Best Answer: Answer I believe it was in 1954 that the first television was completed and released for consumer use. [improve answer]Answer The first ...

What year was the color television invented? | Yahoo Answers

What year was the color television invented? 1 following . 8 answers . Report Abuse. Are you sure you want to delete this answer? Yes No.

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