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"July 20, 2015" · WWE Monday Night Raw · TV Review · The A.V. Club - A.V. Club Austin

In a lot of ways, last night’s PPV, Battleground , was just an extended commercial for WWE’s big summer blowout, Summerslam . Just about every match was good to great, but considering how so many of them ended, it felt like WWE was just teasing what’s to come in August. That means that the prevalent feuds at Battleground largely carry over to tonight’s Raw . Luke Harper’s interference in the Reigns-Wyatt match last night means that those two still have a bone to pick with one another. New Day and their power of positivity aren’t about to settle for losing to the Prime Time Players; they want tag team gold and they’re coming for it. Then, of course, there’s the Undertaker, who returned last night to tombstone Brock Lesnar and let him know that he’s back from the dead and looking for revenge.

Bleeding the feuds from last night into the road to Summerslam could be disastrous, but everything on Raw tonight suggests that WWE has everything under control. This is the most consistently entertaining Raw in months. There have been higher highs in the last few weeks, especially with Lesnar, but no episode in recent memory feels as well put together. It helps that this episode is seriously old school. It’s like WWE traveled back to (at least) the Attitude Era and found some booking magic. There are lengthy backstage brawls, real emotion, locker room meetings, bits of humor, and two fabulous Divas matches.

Let’s start with those Divas matches. When the NXT women debuted last week, there was understandably some worry that the segment would be the lone high point, the only moment of recognition for these women before getting thrown into garbage matches. Tonight’s Raw proves that WWE is focused on revitalizing the Divas division. Both matches tonight–Charlotte versus Brie Bella, followed later by a tag team match that pits Sasha Banks and Naomi against Paige and Becky Lynch–get a TON of time, and on top...

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... you are into reality shows or wrestling you are out of luck tonight

... you are into reality shows or wrestling you are out of luck tonight
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Monday night television shows 2011 wallpapers

Monday night television shows 2011 wallpapers
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monday night television shows 2011

monday night television shows 2011
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