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Junaid Jamshed under pejorative adjectives - Daily Times (blog)

By Hasan Rafique

The story of Junaid Jamshed inspired millions across Pakistan and overseas. Here we have one of the original rock stars of Pakistan, a heartthrob, leaving all the fame and turning towards Islam, growing a beard and changing his direction of life, so much so he moved away from the business that was not only his passion but also his sole source of sustenance. While making this 360 degree transition, not only was he successful in his new career as an entrepreneur, he also managed to become a household name in a different context though he inspired people in his capacity as a public speaker (his previous media image only helping to extend his cause) and was able to make a transition from the way of the devil to the way of God.

All this, while very commendable, landed him in certain controversies which resulted in an emotional debate from people supporting and opposing him. Slowly, as it happens in most debates, we moved away from rationale and logic, and instead of having a meaningful dialogue, we ended up getting personal and moving away from the main point. The purpose of this piece is to try and evaluate Junaid in a more critical way and to try and figure out why every time he says something; there is a group of people who misinterpret him as his YouTube video suggests.

Let us start with the most recent issue where he made these controversial remarks which state that God only named Hazrat Marium (AS) in the Holy Quran because God does not want to name women. This led to quite a strong reaction amongst some of the audience and started this entire debate of women empowerment and how they are not equal to men. His response, which came on another YouTube video, states that Allah does not like taking the names of women because of Haya (modesty) alongside drawing an analogy that they are like diamonds and should be kept hidden.

Now this logically leads to certain other questions, such as why are... Source: www.dailytimes.com.pk

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