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LG Electronics OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2016 Model)


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LG Electronics OLED55B6P Flat 55-Inch 4K Ultra HD Smart OLED TV (2016 Model) by LG Electronics

  • Inputs: 4 HDMI, 3 USB, 1 RF, 1 Component, 1 Composite, 1 Ethernet,...
  • Smart Functionality: Yes
  • Dimensions (W x H x D): TV without stand: 48.4" x 28.1" x 1.9", TV...

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The Power of Words

Every night I climb onto my treadmill and go for a walk. Rain or shine, winter or summer, it doesn't matter. I go for a walk. My treadmill isn't situated in front of the window where I can watch the comings and goings around me. It isn't in front of the television, and I get motion sickness if I read a book or magazine. It's facing a wall. And before that, half of the treadmill was underneath the stairs, with just a single barren light bulb to illuminate the dingy space as I walked. How then, did I find the motivation to get on that mechanical hamster wheel night after night, month after month for up to an hour at a time? Words. All around me are thousands of motivational quotes from a vast array of individuals. You'll find Socrates, Thomas S. Monson, Rocky Balboa, James Bischoff, Jillian Michaels, Confucious, Dahli Llama, Mahamed Ali, Will Smith, Michael Jordan, and just about everything in between. The other day, as drip was dripping down my face, and I was reading one of my favorite quotes, I considered the power of the written word and how it affects nearly every individual in the world. Words can uplift, or annihilate one's spirit. They can motivate or depress; They can bring a person to action, or cause a person to shrink in fear. Words are eternal. Source: ANWA Founder & Friends

Latest News

  • The crown jewel in Disney's cable empire is facing an unprecedented crisis ...

    07/19/15 ,via Business Insider

    That means a vast majority of Disney's cable profit comes from ESPN, and the sports brand may therefore be responsible for nearly half of the parent company's earnings. Trouble in paradise. Frank Caliendo on ESPN Radio ESPN. Part of the reason why ESPN

  • How Iran is trying to win back the youth | World news | The Guardian

    07/20/15 ,via The Guardian (blog)

    He was arrested in December 2013 for his alleged cooperation with foreign satellite stations. The military's participation in a music video with an Media makers had spent the past 20 years creating films, television series, and books about the

  • Android TV, like Google TV, still too ahead of its time

    07/18/15 ,via SlashGear

    There is something about smart TV sets that still hasn't managed to break through to the mass market. Although there have been millions of Internet-connected TVs with their own built-in operating systems sold to consumers, the vast majority of those

  • White Supremacists Look for 'Vast Black Conspiracy' in Nickelodeon Kids Show

    07/14/15 ,via The Root

    This fact convinced the white supremacist TV critics to pull out their PowerPoint apps and create a series of posts and pictures, not to mention hilarious hashtags like #niCUCKelodeon, proving once and for all that the show's goal was to mongrelize the

  • Prudhomme calls for respect for Tour de France yellow jersey | Cyclingnews.com

    07/19/15 ,via Cyclingnews.com

    "There's obviously a correlation between what is said in newspapers, on the television and radio and what happens along the route," Prudhomme continued. "Of course, and it's a former journalist speaking here, what we write or what we say has an


RT @rowblanchard: How do you think we can better represent all vast types of women in the media, especially television? #SmartGirlsAsk @smr… 09/23/15, @livingrowbrina
Eco-tourism fluctuate television of macrocosm vast transfer of property: ZoI http://t.co/jSG3976idj 09/23/15, @BaldwinGoldman1
RT @rowblanchard: How do you think we can better represent all vast types of women in the media, especially television? #SmartGirlsAsk @smr… 09/23/15, @urquijop
RT @rowblanchard: How do you think we can better represent all vast types of women in the media, especially television? #SmartGirlsAsk @smr… 09/23/15, @20ThurayyaBravo
RT @rowblanchard: How do you think we can better represent all vast types of women in the media, especially television? #SmartGirlsAsk @smr… 09/23/15, @rownbrina


  • Has Cable Television Diversified Away the Vast Wasteland?

    1986. 37 pages.
  • How Vast the Wasteland Now?

    1991. 33 pages.
  • Television and the Mind

    Lichtenstein Creative Media. ISBN: 9781888064605,1888064609.

  • 'Blindspot' series premiere sets off vast, complex tattooed mystery

    09/22/15 ,via United Press International

    NEW YORK, Sept. 22 (UPI) --New NBC drama series Blindspot premiered Monday intriguing audiences with its unique premise and vast, complex tattooed mystery. After getting into fights with a nasty landlord and a gunman, Jane Doe finds FBI agent Kurt Weller ...

  • When Do Viewers Commit to TV Shows? Netflix Reveals Data

    09/23/15 ,via Wall Street Journal

    New data from the streaming-video service reveal the point at which users fully committed to some of the most popular TV shows on Netflix. For instance, it took only two episodes of “Breaking Bad” for the vast majority of viewers to buy into the crime ...

  • Relativity Media Expects 25 Bids This Week, Including Ryan Kavanaugh’s, Mainly for TV Assets (Exclusive)

    09/22/15 ,via TheWrap

    Tom Forman’s TV unit, the company’s strongest division, is expected to draw offers in the $100 million range, close to its revenues for 2014. The vast majority of the bids are expected to be for the TV division, with some for the film division or those ...

  • Television Debates: Not Fit For Purpose

    09/20/15 ,via News Week

    Television is entertainment. Almost by definition, television is not serious—it’s entertainment. It is where the vast majority of people go to turn off their brains and relax. If you invite friends over to watch the debate, I’m sure you won’t ...

  • Real Madrid Transfer News: Zhang Linpeng Deal Reported by Chinese Government TV

    09/23/15 ,via Bleacher Report

    Guangzhou Evergrande defender Zhang Linpeng has reportedly “reached an agreement” to play for Real Madrid, according to reports from China's government TV channel ... a relatively new football market with vast potential for growth, and if one of ...


Image by www.satpro.com.au

... television transmissions from ground based antennae are not available

... television transmissions from ground based antennae are not available
Image by www.vastaustralia.com.au

Television showing Satellite TV reception

Television showing Satellite TV reception
Image by www.easysat.com.au


VAST - Viewer Access Satellite Television

The Australian Government funds a free-to-air satellite service – Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST). VAST provides digital television to viewers in remote ...

Motorhome and Caravan Info Australia » Blog Archive ...

VAST Satellite Television System for Travellers. The VAST satellite TV system will replace the existing Aurora system used by many travellers. But we have been ...


Viewer Access Satellite Television (VAST) provides digital television and radio servcies to viewers in remote areas of Australia; as well as viewers who are unable to ...

Access to viewer access satellite television (VAST) services

Access to Viewer Access Satellite Television VAST services ... Under the Broadcasting Service Act 1992, television viewers who do not have adequate reception of one ...

Television Is a Vast Disease-Laden Wasteland | Mother Jones

Maybe you've noticed that prescription drug ads are everywhere these days — more so than usual. You wouldn't be wrong. Oh yes, I've noticed. It's one ...