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WWE Battleground 2015 Results

Singles match

After the victory of John Cena in the ladder match held in Money in the Bank for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship vacant during the episode of Raw of 30 June it was announced that the Bostonian will defend the belts in a fatal four-way match against Kane , Randy Orton and Roman Reigns .

In the same episode is officially the injury of Bad News Barrett resulting in the loss of his Intercontinental championship, made ​​vacant and raffled a Battleground in a Battle Royal in which they are immediately inserted Cesaro , Great Khali , Kofi Kingston and Damien Sandow ; in the episode of the Main Event on July 1 they are included Dolph Ziggler , Rob Van Dam , Ryback , Curtis Axel and Big E ; in the episode of Smackdown of July 4 is confirmed the presence of Alberto Del Rio and Bo Dallas , as in the episode of Raw on July 7 are added Fandango and Sheamus ; a week later they are inserted into the match Sin Cara , The Miz , Titus O'Neil , Xavier Woods , Zack Ryder , Heath Slater , R-Truth , Adam Rose and Diego .

Adam Rose and Fandango are however ousted from the Battle Royal and inserted in a match in the kick-off announced in the evening of the event, while Rob Van Dam does not participate due to injury.

On June 30, on Raw, we have seen the return of Chris Jericho , attacked by Wyatt Family against which is entered into a singles match with Bray Wyatt , and AJ Lee , who regains the Divas belt to defend it during the pay per-view against Paige .

Continues the feud between the Usos and the two members of the Wyatt Family , Luke Harper and Erick Rowan , and the edition of Smackdown July 11 is announced a 2-out-of-3 falls match between the two tag team.

Because of the betrayal and the subsequent victory of the Money in the Bank ladder match by Seth Rollins against Dean Ambrose , the two begin to clash on several occasions, doing all the lead in a match announced on the... Source: Travtasy

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... called the TIROS (Television and Infrared Observational Satellite

... called the TIROS (Television and Infrared Observational Satellite
Image by apollo.lsc.vsc.edu


Image by mixedmediamogul.wordpress.com


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