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As Seen on TV HD-12 HD Clear Vision Ultra-Thin High Performance Indoor HDTV Antenna - Free Over The Air Digital TV


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As Seen on TV HD-12 HD Clear Vision Ultra-Thin High Performance Indoor HDTV Antenna - Free Over The Air Digital TV by As Seen On TV

  • Multi-directional, pull in signals from all directions
  • HD Clear Vision receives crystal clear, 1080p High Definition TV
  • Never pay hundreds of dollars for cable or satellite TV again!

As Seen On TV Comfort Click Belt, Brown,One Size


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As Seen On TV Comfort Click Belt, Brown,One Size by As Seen On TV

  • Quick release lever lets the belt slide on, off, or adjust with ease
  • Fits sizes from 28 to 48 inches
  • Leather with simulated grain coating and steel and zinc alloy buckle

Kwok Clear TV Key HDTV Clear TV Key HDTV FREE TV Digital Indoor Antenna 1080p Ditch Cable As Seen on TV
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Kwok Clear TV Key HDTV Clear TV Key HDTV FREE TV Digital Indoor Antenna 1080p Ditch Cable As Seen on TV by Kwok

  • No contracts, no monthly fees, & no unexpected rate increases
  • Sleek,slim design,can be hidden behind any TV,Plugs into Any TV
  • Simple operation,Fast & Easy Setup,Just Plug it In

Clear TV Digital Indoor Antenna
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Clear TV Digital Indoor Antenna by ClearTV

  • Watch 100s of FREE HD & Digital TV Channels
  • Fast & Easy Setup-Just Plug it In!
  • No Contracts, Monthly Fees, or Price Hikes!

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The Internet of “Utili-things”

I will start with an admission. I am new to the utilities industry and the nuts and bolts of electricity, gas, or water networks. But after more than 20 years in the ICT industry, I do know one thing or two about communication networks. And the Internet, which barely existed 30 years ago has evolved into arguably the most sophisticated, complex, and rapidly changing system ever designed by human minds.
I was fortunate enough in my career to look at ICT networks from many different sides:
(i) from end user devices connecting at increasingly faster speeds, t seems like just yesterday I was working on what we called an internet screenphone that had an embedded v34 modem (who still remembers that term?);
(ii) from the core of carrier and enterprise networks, helping to accommodate the growing demand for access, speed, reliability, security and quality of service working successively on ATM nodes and ethernet layer 2 and layer 3 switches;
(iii) and last, from the application side, as I spent years designing enterprise communication systems and cloud-based applications.
In all these domains, technology moves incredibly fast, and so do business models (no need to even mention the Google, Facebook or the rebirth of Apple in the past 15 years to make this point). The bottom line is that ICT networks today are radically different and have similarly radically altered the way users interact and/or utilize them with the impact we know and experience on our society. Utility networks, on the other hand, while having seen some noteworthy evolutions have hardly evolved at the same pace. The question is– is this about to change?
I remember a conversation with a colleague in the late 90s early 2000s, talking about hosted communication services. We were entering the web 2.0 era where users would start contributing as much content to the Internet as they were consuming. I contended that all this data would be produced, stored and distributed...

Source: thewazupguy

Latest News

  • California Bill Aims to Warn Consumers About Recording TVs

    08/20/15 ,via ABC News

    Readers who scanned the user manual for a new Samsung smart TV may have been surprised to learn their household conversations could be recorded without their knowledge. State Assemblyman Mike Gatto certainly was. "The passage was almost 

  • Gamefly's Netflix-style game streaming is now on Samsung smart TVs

    08/20/15 ,via The Verge

    However, it was a relatively limited launch: in order to access the service, you had to use an Amazon Fire TV set-top box. Now the company is moving onto additional hardware by launching on select Samsung smart TVs starting today. "Samsung's global 

  • DirecTV Extends 4K To More TVs

    08/19/15 ,via Twice

    The Genie HD DVR, launched last November, delivers DirecTV's Internet-delivered 4K content through a wireless connection to select DirecTV-ready Samsung-brand 4K TVs located anywhere in the house. LG, Sony and other manufacturers also plan to offer 

  • Man makes off with flat-screen TVs in Marigny burglary

    08/20/15 ,via FOX 8 News WVUE-TV

    The NOPD is asking for the public's help in locating and identifying a man wanted in connection with a home burglary in the Marigny. The incident occurred Aug. 17 in the 4600 block of Spain Street. At 3:52 p.m., video surveillance captured the suspect 

  • 7 Best Smart TVs for 2015

    08/19/15 ,via TheStreet.com

    Smart TVs come in either HD (1080p) or 4K (2160p) configurations. Although there are few examples of real 4K broadcasts, disks or data streams, 4K/UHD TVs should be even more popular in the near future. DirecTV (T) is currently offering special 4K 


California bill to rein in spying TVs requires user notification, but may fall short on consent: https://t.co/nGuasd6MTH 08/21/15, @EFF
Yvonne Craig, TV's original Batgirl, has died at age 78. http://t.co/MEVK1HTDfE via @WSJSpeakeasy http://t.co/rbso6tD58b 08/19/15, @WSJ
RIP Yvonne Craig, TV's first Batgirl http://t.co/zuRl6zUyZG 08/19/15, @io9
@RogersHelps nope. Still not working. Same error on all tvs 08/21/15, @palmerized
Why are all the tvs on blast & why is everyone yelling? 08/21/15, @dstorres_jenny


  • Energy Efficiency in Househould Appliances and Lighting

    Springer Science & Business Media. 2001. ISBN: 3540414827,9783540414827. 856 pages.

    Household appliances encompass a large variety of equipment including the cold appliances (refrigerators and freezers), the wet appliances (washing machines, dishwashers and dryers), the space conditioning appliances (heaters, air conditioners, heat pumps, fans, boilers), the water heaters, the cooking appliances, a wide array of consumer electronics (such as TVs, VCRs, HiFi systems) and miscellaneous small appliances (such as vacuum cleaners, irons, toasters, hairdryers and power tools)....

  • College Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences

    Cengage Learning. 2007. ISBN: 9780495015833,0495015830. 1168 pages.

    This book provides an accessible yet accurate presentation of college mathematics combined with just the right balance of applications, pedagogy, and technology to help students succeed in the course. Graphs and pictures are used extensively to help students visualize the concepts and ideas being presented. Real-life, current applications and exercises help to motivate students, and an exciting new array of supplements provides students with extensive learning support so that you have more...

  • Finite Mathematics for the Managerial, Life, and Social Sciences

    Cengage Learning. 2014. ISBN: 9781285464657,1285464656. 704 pages.

    Market-leading FINITE MATHEMATICS FOR THE MANAGERIAL, LIFE, AND SOCIAL SCIENCES, Eleventh Edition balances modern applications, solid pedagogy, and the latest technology to provide students the context they need to stay motivated in the course and interested in the material. Suitable for majors and non-majors alike, the text uses an intuitive approach that teaches concepts through examples drawn from real-life—particularly from students’ fields of interest. In addition, insightful Portfolios...

  • Saving money on your TV bill by cord-cutting is not nearly as easy as it sounds

    08/21/15 ,via The Business Insider

    Somewhat suddenly, the world is realizing that the TV market as presently constructed may be in trouble. The stocks of major media companies are getting hammered this year as investors discover that people are dumping cable subscriptions. Yahoo Finance The ...

  • Apple Inc.’s Fall Event: What Announcements Might They Have In Store For The iPhone, iPad, And Apple TV?

    08/21/15 ,via The Inquisitr

    September is almost upon us, which means children are heading back to school and Apple Inc. is planning its annual fall event — September 9, to be specific. As usual, they’ll use the event to reveal which of their tech will be getting an update in the ...

  • Australian Actress Known for Playing a Molester on TV Is Convicted of Child Sex Abuse

    08/20/15 ,via People

    An Australian actress known for her role as a sadistic prison guard who would molest inmates has been convicted of sexually abusing a teenage girl more than 30 years ago. Maggie Kirkpatrick, 74, was found guilty Thursday of two counts of indecent assault ...

  • 2016 Campaigns Will Spend $4.4 Billion On TV Ads, But Why?

    08/19/15 ,via NPR News

    The 2016 election is already providing a lot of eye-popping statistics about the ballooning spending candidates will do in the 2016 election. Among them: Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush's superPAC has already raised more — in the first half of a non ...

  • A touch of the vapers: will e-cigarettes ever look cool on screen?

    08/20/15 ,via The Guardian

    TV and film helped make smoking real cigarettes seem hip. But can you imagine a femme fatale sucking on a vape pen? Or a rebel wielding an e-cig? Penny whistle or e-cig? Rachel McAdams goes some way to making vaping look cool in True Detective. HBO ...

Sony and Samsung enforcing minimum pricing on TVs

Sony and Samsung enforcing minimum pricing on TVs
Image by www.slashgear.com

TVS Sport: A sporty package

TVS Sport: A sporty package
Image by bikes.sulekha.com

LG 50PB65 features a resolution of 1366×769, 1500 cd/m2 brightness ...

LG 50PB65 features a resolution of 1366×769, 1500 cd/m2 brightness ...
Image by www.itechnews.net


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