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American Wars Series: Vietnam War, Parts 1 & 2; World Events Over Time Collection

  • Viewing American history over time
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What's a "Dining Room Table" documentary?

A documentary about the Kuala Lumpur Book Club, made on my dining room table in real time.

A side-bar to Colonial History, the KL Book Club has gone down in history as a purveyor of sleazy literature to thrill starved planters' wives, but it was much more and my grandmother was the secretary/librarian for a long time.

The beginning of Looking for Mrs. Peel available on Amazon in Kindle.

According to Historian Matthew Jones, in 1967 the British wanted to pull out of 'East of Suez'(Singapore, Malaysia and the Middle East) entirely. While school children from Victoria to Gander were learning the words to CA NA DA, Bobby Gimby's giddy centennial year signature song , the Americans were putting pressure on the British to stay. President Lyndon Johnson even bribed them, offering to back the pound sterling and "solve all your financial problems."* So, if Lyndon Baines Johnson appeared to carry the weight of the world on his shoulders, as he rode that long long escalator up past the kitschy photographs of Marilyn Monroe and Humphrey Bogart in the American Pavilion at Expo 67 on his official visit, that's because he did. (* Matthew Jones' Decision Delayed Historical Review.) Malaysia, the 15th country to sign up for the World's Fair - in July '64 (plot 3320 Ste Helene's Island) didn't have a pavilion in the end. They had pulled out; perhaps because Singapore had been expelled from the Malaysian Federation in 1965 ( to quell the unrest between the Chinese and the Malays) and couldn't come up with the money. Tunku Abdul Rahman Malaysia's first PM had visited the Expo site in '64. Source: WRITING MONTREAL


  • The United States and the Vietnam War, 1954-1975

    Routledge. 2007. ISBN: 9781135906801,1135906807. 392 pages.

    The United States in the Vietnam War, 1954-1975 is an invaluable reference guide to the costly and controversial war the U.S. waged in Vietnam, over the course of five presidential administrations. Focusing not only on the conflict in Southeast Asia, but also on the tumult the war inspired on the domestic front, Louis Peake provides an authoritative guide to the wide range of media available on the U.S. involvement in Vietnam. From collections of art work and poetry about the soldiering...

  • The Afterlife of America's War in Vietnam

    McFarland. 2006. ISBN: 9781476605111,1476605114. 238 pages.

    The fall of Saigon in 1975 signaled the end of America's longest war. Yet in many ways the conflict was far from over. Although the actual fighting ended, the struggle to find political justification and historical vindication for the Vietnam War still lingered in American consciousness. A plethora of images from America's first "televised war" has kept the conflict all too fresh in the memories of those who lived through it, while creating a confusing picture for a younger generation. The...

  • Historical Memory and Representations of the Vietnam War

    Taylor & Francis. 2015. ISBN: 0815335369,9780815335368. 368 pages.

    Available as a single volume or as part of the 6 volume set Vietnam War


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