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RT @FemaleTexts: ONE OF THE MOST DRAMATIC MOMENTS IN TELEVISION HISTORY http://t.co/D3ATD3i0OQ 09/18/15, @_unique_reality
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  • Understanding Reality Television

    Psychology Press. 2015. ISBN: 0415317959,9780415317955. 302 pages.

    'Popular Factual Programming' has rapidly come to occupy a place at the forefront of contemporary television culture on an international scale. Tracing the history of reality TV from Candid Camera to The Osbournes, Understanding Reality Television examines a range of programmes which claim a privileged relation to the 'real', from reality formatted game shows to 'real crime' programming and make-over TV. Contributors discuss the phenonenon of reality TV in the context of the debates it has...

  • Reality Television

    ABDO. 2013. ISBN: 9781617837357,1617837350. 48 pages.

    Discusses the history of reality television programs, the five basic genres of programming, and positive and negative perceptions of reality television.

  • Reality TV

    Routledge. 2014. ISBN: 9781136177873,1136177876. 194 pages.

    Reality TV is popular entertainment. And yet a common way to start a conversation about it is ‘I wouldn’t want anyone to know this but...’ Why do people love and love to hate reality TV? This book explores reality TV in all its forms - from competitive talent shows to reality soaps - examining a range of programmes from the mundane to those that revel in the spectacle of excess. Annette Hill’s research draws on interviews with television producers on the market of reality TV and audience...

  • Donald Trump's History of Raising Birther Questions About President Obama

    09/18/15 ,via ABC News

    The reality TV star and businessman has spoken extensively about his questions over whether Barak Obama was actually born in Hawaii like he (and the state of Hawaii) says he was. In 2011, when he was vocally mulling over a possible presidential run ...

  • 'Pawn Stars' Producers Claim Fox News Execs Outed Gay Man in Reality TV Lawsuit

    09/18/15 ,via Hollywood Reporter

    Why Fox Business canceled the development of a reality TV series from Leftfield Pictures, the producer of History's Pawn Stars, is under examination in a New York court. Now comes an incendiary new filing that discusses management all the way up to Fox ...

  • History Exec Shakeup: Jana Bennett Takes Reins as Dirk Hoogstra Departs

    09/18/15 ,via Variety

    David McKillop, who had been running A&E, shifted to a production pact at the company in partnership with former National Geographic TV head Howard ... was key in turning History into a top 10 cable network with a slate of reality and docu series that ...

  • Real life Rosie the Riveter with Wichita ties

    09/18/15 ,via KSN TV

    WICHITA, Kansas – There’s a lot of history for B-29’s here in Wichita. The airplane began being pushed out in the 1940s, ultimately building more than 4,000, a little more than 1,600 coming right out of here. Friday morning, one of them was able to ...

  • 5 Facts That Prove The Theater Is Weirder Than You Realize

    09/18/15 ,via Io9

    Here are five of the strangest stories from the history of theater. 1 ... but two days later a body in identical clothing was found. It was the real Lafayette and the first corpse found was actually the body double he used to execute his illusions.

... Brief and Totally Incomplete History of Reality Television Infographic

... Brief and Totally Incomplete History of Reality Television Infographic
Image by visual.ly


Image by edictive.com

History of reality show television

History of reality show television
Image by www.chatelaine.com


Reality television - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Another subgenre of reality television is "reality competition", "reality playoffs", or so-called "reality game shows," which follow the format of non-tournament ...

The Real History of Reality - Writers Guild of America, West

The Real History of Reality TV Or, How Allen Funt Won the Cold War ... The wide range of reality television series that we recognize today followed.

A history of reality television (part one): The Beginning ...

Love it, hate it, or feel indifferent about it, reality television is a staple of American television. It has been since The Real World and Road Rules premiered on ...

History of Reality TV - Beautiful web-based timeline software

Reality television is a television programming genre that showcases generally unscripted ... I have created this timeline to showcase the history of this ...

History of Reality TV timeline | Timetoast timelines

History of Reality TV, ... Nummer 28 also pioneered many of the stylistic conventions that have since become standard in reality television shows, ...

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