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What is your favorite crime drama?

One other interesting takeaway before I start with the bullet points. The crime drama is also a fascinating insight to human concepts of fear and control. It can acknowledge the random senselessness of murder, contemplates whether there is any meaning to it, while also giving us a fantasy where order is restored and justice is done.

I'm going to get the ball rolling with my own short list of favorite television and film crime dramas. I could probably go on and on and on. I know I'm going to leave something out that should be in there. So before you post your "How could you not mention 'X'?" comment, just know that I used my psychic powers of foresight and knew that you were going to come along and mention it.

  • Columbo: One of the most satisfying detective series to ever be broadcast on television. Peter Falk is amazing in the title role, and the dynamic of him being the humble, kind detective taking down rich assholes who think they've committed the perfect crime is just great. The show was different in that it was not a "whodunnit." The audience is shown the crime at the beginning of each episode and the tension comes from how exactly Columbo would unravel the truth. And Columbo taught the audience, like no other cop show, that when questioned by the police SHUT THE FUCK UP. Call your lawyer. Don't chit-chat. Don't offer your theories on how the crime might have went down. Don't dazzle them with your erudition and wit. And that's one of the most interesting aspects of the show. The murderers are members of the 1 percent who underestimate working-class Columbo, and think he's a pestering idiot right up until the moment he has the evidence to nail them. Some of the best guest stars were John Cassavetes, Patrick McGoohan, Jack Cassidy and Leonard Nimoy, whose character is notable as the only murderer to ever make Columbo angry .

  • The Shield: There was always the question of how far people would go...
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