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The Masks

I glared awkwardly toward the mass of joyful masks, all of them talking with each other about how glorious their lives were. I wondered where the strings came out to wrap around their heads. There had to something something to hold their pre-planned emotion in place.

It was almost an awful television show; Poorly paid actors doing their very minimal work to grab a paycheck. That’s why they were all here. they were here to grab their payment of social acceptance. Soon enough they would all be back to their self-centered, Godless lives. It was pathetic.

The Christian Foundation l Church. It was one of the newer Protestant churches, really nice and high-tech. I wondered how the masks felt about their tithing going to nifty gadgets and computers rather than something a bit more practical.

I watched as a young couple of masks shuffled awkwardly through the gathering to refill their cups with coffee from the dispenser. Three little ones and their mother enthusiastically began to find seats in the lecturing auditorium.

It was more of a theatre than an auditorium. It was large enough to house all of Napoleon’s army, and then some. There were large screens all around so that even a blind man could watch the pastor on screen. It seemed as though it was construed for the sole purpose of mass persuasion. God knew that it was going to be entertaining.

I kept playing a scenario in my head that all of the masks would notice that I was different. I imagined that they would smell the sin that had infected my soul through a lack of cleansing and mob me over and seal a mask over my disposition, robbing me of my sense of self forever.

Once you wear the mask of ignorance, it is so very hard to go back. The mask makes it ever difficult to see or to hear or to express oneself. The mask was an embarrassment and an illusion, yet these egotistical, glib, pietistic beings brandished it like the trophy for most improved batter that they...

Source: Forester Fiction

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    07/20/15 ,via SlashGear

    Video services have, finally, become a big thing with services like HBO and Showtime recently jumping on board and Dish Network, as of earlier this year, making big waves by launching its online-only television service Sling TV. YouTube, of course, is

  • Comcast Is Launching an Online-TV Service Called Stream

    07/13/15 ,via TIME

    Comcast has announced that it will launch a streaming television service for subscribers of its cable service, Xfinity, in the coming months. It's called Stream, aptly enough, and for $15 a month it will provide access on tablets, laptops and

  • Wolverton: New deals, TV services make cord-cutting ever more attractive - San ...

    07/17/15 ,via San Jose Mercury News

    Those moves follow other developments from earlier this year, such as the launch of Dish's Sling TV, which offers some 23 cable channels for $20 a month, and Sony's PlayStation Vue, which offers a broader, pricier streaming video service to consumers

  • NFL 'Game Pass' With On-Demand Game Broadcasts Coming to Apple TV

    07/20/15 ,via Mac Rumors

    For viewers in the United States, the NFL currently offers Game Rewind, with access to on-demand NFL games after they air on broadcast television. As of July 31, 2015, Game Rewind is being discontinued in favor of Game Pass, a consolidated service that 

  • This internet streaming service just scored a huge win in court

    07/16/15 ,via Business Insider

    NEW YORK (Reuters) - A U.S. judge ruled on Thursday that online television service FilmOn X LLC should be treated like a traditional cable system in order to transmit the programs of the nation's broadcasters over the Internet. The ruling, coming as 


Comcast is testing a new television streaming service for $15 a month http://t.co/2H24nR1NYH http://t.co/8EdAeMCtwz 07/14/15, @MarketWatch
Vice will deliver original content for Verizon's new mobile video service: http://t.co/tDuZVGsJyj http://t.co/KjvKWf0EnN 07/15/15, @Adweek
RT @MazzucatoM: Attack on BBC is ideological AND bad economics.'Crowds out' private broadcasters? No. My 2013 article https://t.co/vvuYEwT… 07/21/15, @p_phronesis
Ernie Johnson is getting married, and he has to pick 2 of his 3 television companions to be in his … http://t.co/J8hxF3nVwx 07/21/15, @NBA_topics_us
RT @brookelynahs09: Two days without television,radio,phone service Never felt better only if I could get away more often 07/21/15, @Windrock_Park

  • Court ruling could lead to more pay-TV services, but limited ones

    07/17/15 ,via Los Angeles Times

    A surprising preliminary ruling by a federal judge in Los Angeles could usher in a new generation of pay TV services online, giving new hope to companies such as the ill-fated Aereo. Don't get too excited. The ruling is tentative and so sharply at odds ...

  • Do Sling TV’s New Web TV Ads Target Cord-Nevers or Cord-Cutters? Take a Look and Decide.

    07/20/15 ,via Recode

    Dish Network says its Sling Web TV service is aimed at millennials who’ve never had pay TV — not at people who have pay TV but want to cut the cord and get a cheaper option over the Internet. But Sling, which launched in February, seems to want it both ...

  • TV a la carte customer: I must have that one channel

    07/19/15 ,via Denver Post

    Apple is expected to launch a 25-channel streaming service this fall for $30 to $40, according to the Wall Street Journal. • Layer3 TV in Denver plans to launch its OTT service this summer.

  • Watch the Spot: Sling TV Prompts Millennials to Take Back TV

    07/21/15 ,via Advertising Age

    Sling TV, Dish Network's answer to the streaming TV phenomenon, is urging millennials to "Take Back TV" with its first commercials since the service debuted in January. "We spent years understanding the needs, behaviors and attitudes of millennials and why ...

  • Judge rules that internet TV service FilmOn should be treated as a cable provider

    07/20/15 ,via Digital Trends

    This past Thursday, U.S. District Judge George Wu ruled that FilmOn X LLC, a free internet-based television service, should be treated like a cable provider. Wu did, however, allow for an immediate appeal in the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals.


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Television Service

Television Service
Image by everestpoint.in

The Paramount Television Service logo, used from 1979 to 1981.

The Paramount Television Service logo, used from 1979 to 1981.
Image by en.wikipedia.org


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