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Rayability Wireless TV Remote Controller for Xbox One Media, Xbox One Controller with No Channel Number Buttons, Black
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Rayability Wireless TV Remote Controller for Xbox One Media, Xbox One Controller with No Channel Number Buttons, Black by Rayability

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2005 - MGM / TV - Battlestar Galactica - Sci-Fi Channel - Series Premiere - Autographed 8x10 Photo - Signed by Tricia Helfer & James Callis - Signed in Silver - Rare - Collectible
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2005 - MGM / TV - Battlestar Galactica - Sci-Fi Channel - Series Premiere - Autographed 8x10 Photo - Signed by Tricia Helfer & James Callis - Signed in Silver - Rare - Collectible by Bamber

  • 2005 - MGM / TV - Sci-Fi Channel Series Premiere
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Sports, TV, Money; What Happens Next?

There are currently two undeniable facts regarding the television business, viewership is on the decline and sports television revenue is at an all-time high. At first these two facts seem to be in contrast with each other. But upon a closer examination it is easy to see how viewership decline has actually helped sports television rake in the money. What I am interested beyond that connection however is what does all of this mean for the future of sports on television.

Television advertising is a $65 billion business. Advertising targets viewers in their ideal demographics with hopes the consumers will purchase their products. It’s as simple as that. However television viewership has been on the decline as more and more people “cut the cord” and drop their cable and satellite providers. According to the New York Post television viewership has had a double digit decline for five consecutive months (as of March); with network television falling 12% since last year at the same time and cable dropping 11% at the same time one year ago. So if viewership is declining how is that good for sports on television? Simply because sports is the last frontier for live viewing. Unless a television channel produces a hit show with wide appeal (such as Mad Men, Breaking Bad, Walking Dead, Orange is the New Black, etc.) households are content to record the show and watch it later, skipping past the commercials. Sports however is a live event, drawing viewers in real time where they are unable to fast forward through commercials. For this very reason advertising dollars have come flooding into the sports world.

You may have read how the sports leagues are piling up their money stacks from their new television deals. Heck the NBA is counting solely on its upcoming television deal to help turn around the fiscal situations of teams in their league. Sport leagues no longer put a premium on actual attendance but rather on viewership. A sold out 20,000 seat...

Source: The Sport Guru


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  • Digital Terrestrial Television in Europe

    Routledge. 2004. ISBN: 9781135618537,1135618534. 368 pages.

    Digital technology for the production, transmission, and reception of television is expected to replace analogue transmission throughout the world. The timetable for this transition is uncertain and different projections have been made for virtually every country in the world. This book gives the exhaustive details of the issues of this changeover in Europe and elsewhere. The details are placed within the context of the massive changes, which the television industry has been subjected to over...

  • A Broadcast Engineering Tutorial for Non-Engineers

    CRC Press. 2014. ISBN: 9781317906834,1317906837. 360 pages.

    "A Broadcast Engineering Tutorial for Non-Engineers is the leading publication on the basics of broadcast technology. Whether you are new to the industry or do not have an engineering background, this book will give you a comprehensive primer of television, radio, and digital media relating to broadcast--it is your guide to understanding the technical world of radio and television broadcast engineering. It covers all the important topics such as DTV, IBOC ('HD Radio'), cable and satellite...

  • Media Globalization and the Discovery Channel Networks

    Routledge. 2009. ISBN: 9781135213732,1135213739. 236 pages.

    This book is about the relationship between media and globalization, explored through the unique study of the global expansion of Discovery Communications, spearheaded by the Discovery Channel, one of the world’s largest providers of factual television programming and media content. The book argues that the study of Discovery's relationship with globalization provides both a specific and a more general practical and theoretical understanding of how the processes of increased linking and...


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