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Coupling & Crosstalk: Over Connected?

how focused I can be on “requirements”. As I often remind my children, there is a very large difference between wants and needs.

Some have wanted a Dick Tracy watch for years. Others familiar with the 1960’s television series Get Smart have wanted Maxwell Smart’s shoe phone. The Apple Watch should satisfy the first craving and feature phones have long ago eclipsed Max’s phone. However, some people’s ringtones are just as obnoxious as Agent 86’s phone.

I always wanted a Mickey Mouse automatic watch with the cool retro look. Yes, a quartz watch offers far more precision but there is something classic about an automatic (self-winding mechanical) watch. With my microfabrication experience in building micro-electromechanical system (MEMS) devices and structures with tolerances measured in a micrometer (micron) or less, a quality mechanical watch is a marvel of precision technology and craftsmanship that I appreciate.

In particular, I spent several years marketing microfabrication technology to the watch industry for advanced mechanisms and anti-counterfeiting applications. After visiting and working with a number of Swiss watchmakers, I am still looking for just the right mechanical watch. Since I am not a watchmaker nor rabid watch collector, I do not wear multiple watches on both wrists when I cannot decide which one to favor on a given day. For me, it has to be just the one right watch in function, mechanical precision, and aesthetics.

Unlike the manufacturer-fixed “applications” of a mechanical watch there are several thousand applications already created for the Apple Watch. The built-in applications that are the most interesting to me – activity monitoring and caller identification – I currently have on my Fitbit Charge. The Fitbit also tells time but, as many non-watch wearers have demonstrated, that isn’t an essential function in today’s world. Convenient, but not essential, with the pervasive availability of clocks starting with...

Source: High Technology Business Development

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