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Oscar bait. Sorry, maybe not the best way to start a review but this is what it was, pure and simple. That is not to say that it was a bad film because it is not but it also is not anything more than what I would expect to find on Television at 9:00pm on a Sunday night. This highly inaccurate and almost fictional drama charts the project led by Alan Turing at Bletchley Park to crack the Enigma Code during World War Two and the invention of the prototype computer to complete his task.

Or was it about the troubled soul who had to confront his demons in order to break down so many obstacles along the way to cracking this code and saving up to 14 million lives? At times, presenting a character who would be more at home on U.S. sitcom The Big Bang Theory; Sheldon Cooper anyone?

Or was it that he was a homosexual who in the 1950’s, after playing such a crucial role during the war effort and supposedly inventing the computer single-handedly might I add, was convicted of indecency, the term used to persecute homosexual men in England during that time and after opting for a drug therapy known as “Chemical Castration” rather than a two-year prison sentence, he took his own life year later in 1954.

To start with, whilst the framework is true, the story has been heavily perverted in favour of portraying Turing as a lost soul fighting the good fight, single-handedly inviting and creating modern science to help the Allies bring down the Nazis, whilst dealing with his homosexuality and his complete social ineptness. This is simply not true. For a full and extensive list of the inaccuracies in this film simple Google them, but it is clear that this film was so intent on creating a British propaganda story that it has lost sight of its own integrity and possibly even its own sense of decency.

Casting characters in bad light, omitting...

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@FRCdc Nickelodeon hired a fetish film director. Mind signing and sharing? https://t.co/9rb3DI27rP #CancelBella 08/29/15, @Tyrell__Green
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RT @Rajyasree: What fun. Radhe Maa organises nude satsangs. Let nothing come between god and us. Not even clothes. http://t.co/gFSicbufrZ 08/28/15, @RichPurelyRich
RT @Rajyasree: What fun. Radhe Maa organises nude satsangs. Let nothing come between god and us. Not even clothes. http://t.co/gFSicbufrZ 08/28/15, @DayaDarwazaTodo


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Television-Sex-and-Society-Analysing-Contemporary-Representations ...

Television-Sex-and-Society-Analysing-Contemporary-Representations ...
Image by www.ebay.com.au


Image by bluestarsecret1.blogspot.com

Lizzy Caplan, mastering sex and television Showtime’s Masters of Sex ...

Lizzy Caplan, mastering sex and television Showtime’s Masters of Sex ...
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