Television Without Pity: 752 Things We Love to Hate (and Hate to Love) About TV

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Shut Up, TV!
In Television Without Pity, the founders of the popular TV-recap Web site pay snarky tribute to 752 of the shows, characters, actors, clichés, plot devices, memorable moments, and catchphrases that make watching TV such a guilty pleasure.
Topics include:
     •  America’s Next Top Model
     •  Bad Sitcoms Starring Good Comedians
     •  Celebrity Poker Showdown
     •  Clichéd Portrayals of Senior Citizens
     •  “Denise Huxtable”
     •  Intrusive Neighbors
     •  Iron Chef
     •  Lifetime movies
     •  MasterCard “Priceless” Campaign
     •  MTV
     •  Musical Montages
     •  The People’s Court
     •  “Sha la la la!”
     •  Sitcom Reunion Movies
     •  Saved by the Bell
     •  Talking CGI Animals and Babies in Commercials
     •  TV Weddings
     •  “Urkel”
     •  and so much more!

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