Firing Line with William F. Buckley Jr. "How the Vietnam War Was Lost"

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Taped on September 14, 1975. The discussion is slow starting, and one may find rather tiresome Marshal Ky's relentlessly blaming the loss of the war on his former colleague Marshal Thieu. But there is solid and at times moving analysis: "I said there was no way to talk or negotiate with the Communists, because with our past experience we know them: if they are in a strong position, they will never accept negotiations; if they are in a weak position, of course they are not honest in accepting negotiations with you. So when they accept negotiations, it means they're going to win. You know, in the mind of European people, when you talk about negotiations, you think of mutual concessions on both sides. But that is not the Communist, and particularly the Asian and North Vietnamese Communist, view of them."
Summary by Firing Line staff.

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