LBLI Nostalgic Black and White Television Shaped Magnetic Photo Frame JIAJU-YONGPING #2353

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Product Features
  • 5, the photo wall is also a very hearty gift, carefully selected her (his) favorite photos, food Ye Hao, Ye Hao landscape Ye Hao photo, made of photo wall, when you receive a gift, it is easy Hanging in the home, the face of excellent decorative effect, you can imagine how happy she is, maybe whenever I see this unique gift will not help but think of you.
  • 4, the photo wall as the main wall decoration in the world in the home decoration is very common in the application, each photo has a beautiful story, beautiful memories, the furniture in the photo wall is to help you display these photos bearing important memories , It can give your house to bring rich personality color, hanging in the room family and love photos makes the taste of the home is also exceptionally strong, so that your feelings feel warm.
  • 2, bow-shaped button to replace iron tablets, easy to replace the photo, not broken, not accidental hand injury;
  • 3, polystyrene plastic to replace the traditional glass, easy to transport, the use of more secure;
  • 1, solid wood thickening frame, paste the wall, high - density black stickers after the baffle, highlight the noble and taste;
Product Description
Frame Type:Table Top,
Picture Holds:4''×6'',
Dimension (inch):6*5,
Net Weight (kg):0.22,

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