What is LED and OLED TV?

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Although we are used to witnessing regular breakthroughs in technology, there are rare occasions when the advances make an indomitable impact on our everyday lives, changing the way we live – illuminating our lives!

1.3 What Are The Practical Use Of LEDs?

The first-ever commercial use of the LEDs was mainly as the replacement for the incandescent and neon indicator lamps. In the sector of seven-segment displays, they were initially used in the exclusive equipments such as the electronics and laboratory test equipments, and then later they were used in the appliances such as radios, television, telephones, calculators, and watches.

Chapter 2: Understanding LED Technology

LEDs may look small, but they stand as a perfect example for the saying “big things in life come in small packages”. Although small, these high-brightness models are known to produce a significant ...................

Chapter 3: How Light Emitting Diodes Works?

Light emitting diodes, also known as the LEDs, are the unsung heroes in the world of electronics. They perform a plethora of jobs and can be found in almost all types of electronic ..............................

Chapter 4: What Are The Different Types of LEDs

The LEDs of today are available in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, and they stand as a testimony to the incredible improvements that we have witnessed in the semiconductor technology, over the recent .................

Chapter 5: Advantages & Disadvantages of LED

5.1 Advantages of LEDs

Greater Efficiency: When compared to the incandescent light bulbs, it has been noticed that the LED bulbs emit more light per watt. Unlike the fluorescent light bulbs or tubes, their efficiency is not influenced by shape and .........................

5.2 Disadvantages of LEDs

More Expensive than Other Lighting Devices:

Although the price of LEDs has fallen rapidly over the recent years, and it continues to do so, these lighting devices are still the most expensive in the industry. The individual LED bulbs cost much more than a single CFL or incandescent bulb. But ..................

Chapter 6: What Are the Various Applications of LED?

LEDs are rapidly becoming the light source for a wide variety of applications. The LED products can be divided into two main parts, such as the public lighting and indoor lighting. Furthermore ..................

Chapter 7: What Are LED TVs?

There’s a great deal of hype surrounding the introduction of LED televisions, so here in this chapter we will explain what LED TVs are all about. It is actually an LCD TV which makes use of the LED technology to illuminate the display.

Chapter 8: Ways to Use LED Technology & Lighting to Save Money

We know that the LED technology is not new, but it is revolutionizing our lives in a great way. LEDs are unique and special because they produce instant light, with less energy and they consume only a small ..................

Chapter 9: 7 Weird Uses For LED Lighting Technology

With the rising popularity of the LEDs, it’s weird to think that just a few years ago this technology was nothing more than ........

Chapter 10: OLED – The Future Of LED

OLED or organic light-emitting diode is the future form of the light-emitting diode (LED). An OLED is basically a light-emitting diode where the emissive electro-luminescent layer is film made of organic semiconductor material, and it emits lights in reaction to an electric current.

Chapter 11: Pros And Cons Of OLED Technology

OLED technology is being discussed as the future of LED and there are a lot of hopes attached to it. However, only further research will be able to exploit the diverse ways in which this versatile new technology can be .............

Chapter 12: Rising Popularity Of OLED Displays

OLED displays are fast becoming a popular commodity in the market and it doesn’t require a genius to understand .................

Chapter 14: What’s The Difference Between LED and OLED?

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