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Lazy Last Day and Those Thing for the First Time

I had a difficulty on getting up. It’s the last day of the week for me today and tomorrow would be my rest day from work. My mind say’s: You need to get up, aren’t you happy? It’s last day today! But my body is saying otherwise. But it seems that the world left me with no choice at all. I got up out of bed. Sip coffee. Got my towel. Took a bath and sat down face the TV to ate my meal before going to work.

This was the first time that I took a meal while watching a TV series. Why? Because this is also the first time that we had a television in the room. I’m watching The Originals 2 and was hooked to it. Was fascinated with how the werewolves fought witches for survival (Am not really not an avid fan, and this is also the first time I’ve sawn the movie series). Watching the movie series while eating made me feel that the clock has took its turn so fast. The very first time that I felt such. I finished the last bite of my viand and when I look into the clock, my eyes widened to realize that it is already quarter to six. And my work starts at 6 o’clock!

I rushed towards the closet to get some clothes to wear. Then I realized that this is the first time that my clothes are neatly arranged and, some of them are neatly hanged in a closet. But I really had no time already to think of it. I pulled the very first pants that I could see on that closet and put on my favorite yellow polo that an aunt gave me. Fast as flash, I put on some gel on my hair, ducked my things on my bag, put on my ID, and rushed out of the door of our new boarding house.

Tik tok. 10 minutes to six. I’ll be late, that’s for sure. I was walking down the street and made to pass by a nearby church. 5 minutes. But I still managed to get into the gates of the church say my little prayer. 6 o’clock. I know that this is happening. While I was walking, I checked on my pockets for the first time and to my surprise my fare for the day is on a separate pants! (How unfortunate) I have...

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  • TV | Surviving Survival Shows

    07/23/15 ,via inlander.com

    If you put someone (preferably someone naked) on an island and film this someone trying not to die, you're no longer a sociopath, but rather a reality television producer in 2015. This summer brought us Naked and Afraid XXL (10 pm, Sundays on Discovery ...

  • Teen says survivor TV shows helped her escape plane crash

    07/14/15 ,via Atlanta Journal Constitution

    The teenager who survived a small plane crash in the North Cascades of Washington said that her father’s favorite television programs came in handy during the harrowing ordeal. Autumn Veatch, 16, was found two days after the plane crashed, after it was ...

  • Lincoln man with Gering ties tests skills in extreme challenge on reality TV

    07/23/15 ,via Gering Citizen

    For $500,000. Larson, along with nine other men, became a participant for the reality TV show “Alone,” a new survival show offering from the History Channel. The premise of the show is to see which participant is able to survive the longest on ...

  • Survival shows ‘save’ US teen after plane crash

    07/15/15 ,via Philippine Daily Inquirer

    LOS ANGELES, United States – A teenage girl survived a plane crash and then used knowledge picked up from watching survival shows on television to hike for two days out of the wilderness, US media and her parents said. Autumn Veatch, 16, was in hospital ...

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Ray Mears' World of Survival (TV series)
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Dual Survival is the best show on Discovery
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Ray Mears Bushcraft Survival - Series 2 DVD
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