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It's worse than Jerry Seinfeld says: PC is undermining free speech, expression ... - Salon

When Joan Rivers died aged eighty-one in September 2014, tributes poured in for the American comedy legend. To judge by events of the previous months, however, not everybody would have been quite so sad to hear of her passing. Shortly before she died Rivers had been bitterly attacked not only for her caustic and politically incorrect expressions of support for Israel’s air-strikes on Gaza – ‘If New Jersey was firing rockets into New York, we would wipe them out’ – but also for telling the wrong kind of jokes involving race, sexuality and much else. (Asked whether she thought there would ever be a gay president, she told the TV reporter that there already was, since ‘Michelle’s a tranny.’) Worse, her offensive jokes tended to be funny.

When Rivers criticized Justin Bieber’s ‘gangsta’ dress sense on her TV show Fashion Police in August 2014, just a month before her death, it was hard to know which caused more outrage – what she said or the fact that others laughed out loud at it. ‘That little bitch gets on my nerves,’ Rivers said of Bieber. ‘You are not a big black thug, you are just like your shoes – ordinary and completely white.’ The reverse-Voltaires went quickly into action online, and Village People veteran Victor Willis made headlines by apparently tweeting for many: ‘What Joan Rivers said is no laughing matter. It’s Racist and she has a history of this. Time to shut her down. What say you?’ When death finally managed to shut her down just weeks later, there was much smug and charmless talk of ‘karma’ on social media sites.

What some of us say is that Joan Rivers’s great quality was her insistence that nothing ought to be beyond a joke. In contrast to the ‘shut-it-down’ lobby, she believed that there was no such thing as ‘no laughing matter.’ In this she stood in the great tradition of subversive comedians. Unlike many alleged comedians who are coming after her, she also understood that simply trying to be offensive is not enough –...

Source: www.salon.com

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  • It's worse than Jerry Seinfeld says: PC is undermining free speech, expression ...

    07/19/15 ,via Salon

    When Rivers criticized Justin Bieber's 'gangsta' dress sense on her TV show Fashion Police in August 2014, just a month before her death, it was hard to know which caused more outrage – what she said or the fact that others laughed out loud at it

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    07/16/15 ,via Lowell Sun

    In 1976, America's Viking 1 robot spacecraft made a successful, first-ever landing on Mars. Actor James Doohan, who played Scotty the engineer in the original "Star Trek" TV series and several movies, died in Redmond, Washington, at age 85. One

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  • Marketing the Moon

    MIT Press. 2014. ISBN: 9780262026963,0262026961. 144 pages.

    One of the most successful public relations campaigns in history, featuring heroic astronauts, press-savvy rocket scientists, enthusiastic reporters, deep-pocketed defense contractors, and Tang.

  • The Western

    Routledge. 2014. ISBN: 9781317874904,1317874900. 336 pages.

    The Western introduces the novice to the pleasures and the meanings of the Western film, shares the excitement of the genre with the fan, addresses the suspicions of the cynic and develops the knowledge of the student. The Western is about the changing times of the Western, and about how it has been understood in film criticism. Until the 1980s, more Westerns were made than any other type of film . For fifty of those years, the genre was central to Hollywood's popularity and profitability. The...

  • Selling the Silver Bullet

    University of Texas Press. 2015. ISBN: 9780292772540,0292772548. 331 pages.

    Originating as a radio series in 1933, the Lone Ranger is a cross-media star who has appeared in comic strips, comic books, adult and juvenile novels, feature films and serials, clothing, games, toys, home furnishings, and many other consumer products. In his prime, he rivaled Mickey Mouse as one of the most successfully licensed and merchandised children's properties in the United States, while in more recent decades, the Lone Ranger has struggled to resonate with consumers, leading to...

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    A breakthrough seems to have occurred in the eternally stonewalled Israeli/Arab conflict, and yet not a shot was fired, a curfew lifted, or an olive branch extended—and neither Barack nor Bibi made the first move ... about—a TV show that upended ...

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    ST. LUCIE WEST — Jetson TV & Appliances will host its first Pop Up Summer Art Show on July 28 from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Jetson's St. Lucie West location, 1763 N.W. Saint Lucie West Blvd. Dozens of local artists representing several different mediums will ...

The Lone Ranger

The Lone Ranger
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... Hopalong Cassidy became the first network Western television series

... Hopalong Cassidy became the first network Western television series
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Cheyenne is a western television series consisting of 108 black-

Cheyenne is a western television series consisting of 108 black-
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