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Zoo Season 1 Episode 5 Review: Blame It On Leo - TV Fanatic

Let's blame everything on Leo.

We're getting answers to the summer's biggest questions on Zoo Season 1 Episode 5 , and it looks like Jamie's crazy theories about that big bad chemical company, Reiden Global, might not have been so crazy after all.

While I wasn't totally surprised by the revelation that Reiden Global is, in fact, behind the Mother Cell, and knowingly allowed their products to be infected by it, it was still really great to see the satisfied look on Jamie's face.

Jamie was right, but it looks like the chemicals aren't only contained to animal food, and it also appears that there's more to the animals' rage than just what's for dinner. Technology is playing a role, though how large that role is still remains to be seen.

Mitch's knowledge of bats is astounding. Between his fun "bat facts" and the tidbits about the nocturnal creatures that roll right off the top of his head, Mitch showed that he is indeed a different kind of bat man, which is interesting, because someone out there considered calling on him to save the day.

Who was surprised when Clementine's mom tilted that frame, and we realized that Mitch was the little girl's father? These vignettes are usually reserved for setting up the animal drama for the following week. Naturally, I expected that next week would be all about puppies abandoning their loyalty to their owners, but it turns out this vignette showed us that Mitch's daughter is very ill, and he hasn't seen her since she was two.

So, should we just go ahead and blame all of this animal drama on Leo Butler, the man whose name was scribbled all over Evan's bible in jail? The simple answer is, yes, he's really to blame. He created the Mother Cell, the vector that Reiden Global is using that's contaminating everything. Sure, he's blackmailing them about it for money, and donating that money to charity, but that doesn't change the fact that he made it. Way to go,...

Source: www.tvfanatic.com

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